Thursday, September 21, 2006

love damned love!


...featuring writing from indie horror hotshots:

Alyssa Sturgill!

Rebecca Brock!

Steve Whitmore!

James Harris!

Wayne Simmons!

... smothered in artwork by:

Pete Leathley!

Paul Finn!

John Miller!


Here's what pretty-scary had to say about love damned love:

"Thank you, Shiny Hoo-Ha. We’ve finally been relieved of the awful burden of boring horror anthologies.

Love Damned Love is one of those wacky, fast reads that make you sit back and wonder if you really read what you thought you just did. The stories are short and wild, full of sex and gore and bizarro humor that should fulfill any appetite..."

Available NOW from shiny HOO-HAA to EUROPEAN/ UK/ Irish readers for a mere £3.69 (approx 5.50 EURO) by clicking below!

Available SOON from Indie Gods Publishing to US/ Canada readers. PRE-ORDER NOW by e-mailing

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(please note - love damned love contains material of an adult nature. Please order only if you are 18 years of age or over)